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iSolar specializes in providing residential, commercial and government solar design and installation.  We offer a no pressure sales process by focusing on educating those who have an interest in Solar Generation and Return on Investment.

OUR GOAL is to maximize your solar investment by designing a system that exceeds your expectations and saves you money during the life of your investment.

OUR FOCUS is to maximize solar generation by installing quality solar panels at a fair price.

6 Reasons to Choose iSolar

1. Simple & Easy

iSolar provides free consultation and we stay with you every step of the way

2. Save Money

Save money every month– up to 80% per kilowatt hour

3. Property Value

Dramatically increase the value of your home or commercial property

4. 100% Financing

$0 out of pocket financing available

5. 25-Year Waranty

Up to 25-year warranty available on most equipment

6. Installation Included

We offer Turnkey solar design, engineering, installation and management

iSOLAR Will Engineer the right Solar system for you

From choosing the right solar panels to conducting the installation, iSolar will be there every step of the way making it a simple and easy process for you.

Residential Solar 

The cost of electricity in Texas is estimated to increase by 20-80% over the next few years.  Protect your family by generating your own energy and locking in your electricity rate NOW, no more rate hikes!  Take the FREE money, utilize the Federal Tax Credit and other local credits to start your savings and increase the value of your home.

Commercial Solar 

You run your own business now start generating your own electricity!  You can do it and we will help!  You’re an expert in your field of business and we are experts in ours, lets partner.  Let us help lower your operational expenses by helping you become a power generation plant for your own company.  It’s easy, we will work with you and your team throughout the whole process.

Government Solar

Municipalities and non-profits have a tremendous opportunity to lower operational expenses.  With current high electricity costs and access to lots of rooftops, ground square footage and tax benefits, municipalities and non-profits are in a great position to benefit from building a generation plant for their organization.  The options are endless, and the savings are HUGH!

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GENERATE your own electricity!
SAVE your own money!
PROTECT your own future!

Stop Paying the Utility Company

BECOME the Utility Company. LOCK in your Savings!

Over the next few years, the cost of electricity in North Texas is expected to increase by 20-80%. With iSolar’s help, you can now protect yourself from out of control utility bills and increase the value of your home or commercial property.

iSolar Purchase

For the lifetime of your system, you will get years of affordable power with a Solar Purchase.  We do the installation and you recognize the benefit.  You won’t receive any monthly energy bills from us––just a dramatically smaller monthly bill from your utility provider, or in some cases no bill at all.  You gain access to the manufacturers' warranties and iSolar’s top of the industry workmanship warranty.

iSolar Financing

The Solar Finance option allows you to buy solar panels at your own pace.  We do the installation and you recognize the benefit.  You receive a competitive APR, and multiple options for loan terms.

The goal is to minimize your utility bill by 80-100%.  You gain access to the manufacturers' warranties and iSolar’s top of the industry workmanship warranty.


DFW Solar Panel Q&A

As the costs of electricity are expected to rise and the cost of solar panels began to fall; Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners, apartment complexes, businesses, and state & local municipalities are looking into adding solar panels. Here are some common questions iSolar is hearing in DFW:

Have more questions? We love to educate on Solar, get in touch with us today!  GO SOLAR with iSolar!