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Solar Panel Installation for Government and Municipality

iSolar provides solar panel solutions for local, state and federal government buildings. From the initial solar system design to the completed install, you can rely on iSolar being the renewable energy source for Government and Municipalities.  Solar for Government is all about total cost of ownership and return on investment.  Use solar savings to offset lowering budgets.  iSolar will consult with you to understand your needs and engineer a solar system that will help you lower your operational costs.  Our goal is to help you save taxpayer money by offsetting high government utility costs.  The savings are staggering!  Contact us for your free solar evaluation.

How Solar Can Work for Your City

Solar energy benefits us all. For businesses, all organization and individuals going solar will create tremendous opportunities for cost savings and community development. This fact is especially true for municipal governments. Given your high electricity costs and access to many building rooftops, municipalities are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.

Why solar energy?

Municipalities can reduce their monthly electric bills by utilizing solar energy. This creates significant cost savings by powering libraries, municipal office buildings, parks and maintenance facilities at lower electric rates. One of the top two or three budget items for local government is the cost of energy and maintenance.  Solar electricity can cut these operating expenses significantly.

With the advent of net meeting solar owners, including municipalities, are now afforded the luxury to receive credit for solar energy not used.  This energy credit may be used on days that require more energy than a system may provide in that day, for example, a rainy day.  This process works all year round.  In extra sunny months when solar electricity production outpaces total electricity consumption, solar owners will earn credits they can apply to future monthly electric bills. Whether a municipality installs solar on a single building or an entire fleet of buildings, the reductions in their monthly electric bills will translate into savings that may otherwise be applied somewhere else within the city budget.

Solar installation for government

Getting started

Open spaces can make good land for ground mount solar.

Municipalities can go solar by installing photovoltaic (PV) panels on a single site or a fleet of buildings. For either option, you will need to understand solar technology, installation procedures, costs, and incentives. iSolar can help you get started!

When looking to go solar, municipalities should consider the following:

Tax-exempt status: Municipalities are not eligible to apply the 30% federal tax credit to their solar installations because they do not pay taxes. That said, municipalities can install their systems through solar financiers or third parties who will monetize the tax credit on their behalf.  Those third-party investors will incorporate their tax credit savings into the cost they charge the municipality.

Solar can work in a variety of settings

Long-term project timeframes: With numerous departments, stakeholders, and staff teams involved in a municipality’s solar installation process, the installation timeframe will be longer than for an individual home. It is important for the municipal project lead to communicate with fellow municipal offices and staff about the installation in its early phases, to avoid hold-ups down the line. Bringing together environmental, facilities, permitting, communications, and education departments at the outset of the solar planning process will help streamline the work process and maximize engagement across all municipal offices.

Opportunity for constituent participation: Municipal governments are uniquely situated to leverage their PV installation(s) to their constituents’ interest in going solar. Through their listservs, email blasts, and community programming, municipalities can help their residents see solar in action and learn how it can benefit their businesses and households.

municipalities go solar because:

Cost savings

Solar is now less expensive than buying power from the electric grid. Solar costs have fallen more than 60% since 2010, this is a significant savings for you.

Economic Develoment

When a municipality installs solar they boost the local clean energy economy and create interest for their constituents.

Job Creation

The solar industry now employs over 300,000 solar professional. When a municipality installs solar they will be part of this exciting revolution by creating solar jobs in their local community.

Sustainability commitments

Installing solar can help your municipality meet its sustainability goals by decreasing its consumption of fossil fuel-powered electricity and offsetting its carbon emissions.


Since battery technology has dropped in price municipalities are moving to a solar plus storage option for use during power outages.  These systems are often designed to protect the most vulnerable citizens in times of crises.

Population growth

More and more businesses and people are moving to cities that are forward thinking and offer options for their growth as well.  Municipalities that install solar are forward thinkers which attract the same.

iSolar has proven success by combining solar panel installation and other energy efficiency products and services so you may realize these benefits.




Low total cost of ownership and high return on investment is what assists you in cutting costs and satisfy economic growth. Gain the freedom from your utility costs that you deserve and receive predictable, sustainable rates and renewable energy for years to come. The cost of electricity in North Texas is expected to increase by 20-80%. With iSolar, you can protect yourself from out of control utility bills and lower your operational costs.

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